The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth was the first private Hospital in London to install the latest in CT scanning technology, the Philips Brilliance 256 slice iCT scanner. Our new scanner takes 256 images per second, dramatically reducing scan times while producing images of unsurpassed quality and detail.

This allows routine scanning of the chest and abdomen in a single breath hold. The short scan time is beneficial for all patients but especially for elderly, paediatric, or critically ill patients, where the length of scanning was often problematic.

Because it provides detailed views of all types of tissue, CT is one of the best tools for studying the head, chest and abdomen.

CT can clearly show even very small bones, as well as surrounding tissues, muscle and blood vessels. This makes it invaluable in diagnosing and treating spinal problems and injuries to the hands, feet, and other skeletal structures.

CT angiography (CTA) is a technique used to visualize blood flow throughout the body. This minimally invasive technique is now widely used to assess the arteries; from those serving the brain to those bringing blood to the lungs, kidneys, and the arms and legs.

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We are proud to have been chosen by UK Athletics as their medical HQ for our 2012 Olympic track and field athletes.